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Franchisee Testimonials

Robert & Frances Weissberg,
Midas SpeeDee Co-Brand Owners,
Watsonville, California

Franchisee TestimonialsAdding the Midas Name – Brand Name and Credibility: "Adding the Midas name brought immediate name recognition and credibility to my business. Midas' size, long history, and aggressive, national advertising make them a household name, especially when it comes to brakes and tires."

Additional Services to Offer – Increase in Sales: "I was attracted to co-branding because I knew it would expand my service offering and in turn bring in more revenue. Since co-branding I have seen a significant increase in brake service sales. It has really affected my bottom line."

Competitive Edge: "Co-branding has definitely given me a competitive edge. The Midas SpeeDee co-brand is set up in a way that allows us to offer both fast oil change services and a 'one-stop' shop for all auto service needs. None of my competitors can offer all of this under one roof."

Training: "I knew that one of the biggest challenges I would face in co-branding my shop was getting my staff trained on all the new services, but the exceptional training tools provided by the Midas SpeeDee corporate team and vendors helped train me and my staff thoroughly on all new products, services and procedures."

Employee Performance and Morale: "Co-branding has really had positive impact on my staff. Since co-branding, my staff's knowledge and ability to diagnose and address customers' needs has grown tremendously. Training for and performing all the new services really broke the monotony around the shop and morale is definitely up."

Overall Satisfaction: "Without a doubt, I feel that my decision to co-brand was the smart thing to do for my business. With all the benefits that go along with co-branding, it was pretty much a 'no brainer.'"

Troy Maxey,
Midas SpeeDee Co-Brand Owner,
Jackson, California

Franchisee Testimonials Adding the Midas Name – Brand Name and Credibility, Attracting more Customers: "The Midas brand and reputation attracted many Midas customers to my location, quicker than I ever expected. As soon as the signage went up, Midas customers were coming in with Midas brake packets looking for brake work or other services that Midas is known for."

Additional Services to Offer – Additional Revenue: "The Midas and SpeeDee services complement each other and having such a wide range of services to offer customers really keeps me and my staff busy."

Support from Corporate: "I was very happy with the support I received from the Midas SpeeDee corporate team when preparing my co-brand shop for business. They were really on the ball with training me and my staff on Midas services and sales and worked closely with me in setting up vendor relationships. From design and construction to employee training, they were all very helpful."

Luis Cruz,
Midas SpeeDee Co-Brand Owner,
Gilroy, California

Gilroy, CA Midas Co-Brand SpeeDee Auto Service Center

Adding the Midas Name – Brand Name and Credibility, Attracting more Customers: "Brake work has already increased. People are drawn in by the Midas sign even though we have done no advertising. This is an exciting time – I'm investing, SpeeDee is investing and Midas is investing. I think this will be a big success."

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